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Boarding Log 2010
  1-14-10           Windsurfer           4.5m          Los Barriles, Baja          JP Quad 84, Janice JP FSW 93 4.7m Arived and jumped right on the water sweet!                
Boarding Log
  1-15-10           Windsurfer           4.8m          Los Barriles, Baja          JP Quad 74 4.8 The Fly Sail, Janice JP FSW 93 4.9m Firefly. Another killer day!!                      
  1-16-10           Windsurfer           4.8m          Los Barriles, Baja          JP 85 FSW 4.8 The Fly Sail, Janice JP FSW 93 5.7m Firefly. Another great day!!                       
  1-23-10           Windsurfer/Kite           4.8m/10m        Los Barriles, Baja          JP 92 Twinzer wave 4.8 Fly /10m Switchblade, Janice JP FSW 93 4.9m Firefly.                     5/1
  1-19-10           Windsurfer           7.7m          Los Barriles, Baja          7.7m Hellcat  on 133 Futura Starboard. Light wind but warm and nice.                                     4
  1-24-10           Windsurfer           4.8m          Los Barriles, Baja         JP 92 Twinzer wave 75 JP wave seet board!, Janice JP FSW 93 and 4.9m Firefly.                    6
  1-25-10           Windsurfer/Kite           4.8m/10m        Los Barriles, Baja          JP 85 FSWwave 4.8 Fly /10m Switchblade, Janice JP FSW 93 4.7m Alpha.                            7/2
  2-14-10           Snowboard         155 cm         Mt. Sunapee, NH          Janice, Elaine, Margaret , Abby, Ian, Rob, Chris. Fun day!                                            1 
  2-23-10           Windsurfer           4.7m                  Area 51                     Nice little waves on Deadmans point and whities cove. Mike L & PK.    East wind              8 
  2-26-10           Kiteboard             11m             Hardings Beach                Shook, BB & myself. SE wind side shore. Snow squall & sun popping out. FUN!               3 
  2-27-10           Snowboard         168 cm         Stratton Mtn, VT          Janice, Tom & Kim. Great snow over a foot of fresh powder!  Thanks Tom!! Fun day!             2 
  2-28-10           Kiteboard             11m             Chapin Beach                Shook & myself. N wind on shore. Bit of a walk but worth it in the sleet. Shook went!           4 
  3-8-10                SUP                11' 3"m             SUPper Bowl            Gill and BB Sunny and warm waist high clean waves Sweet!!!                                                      1 
  3-12-10           Kiteboard             11m                  Area 51                 Shook, Peter, Holly & myself. E wind with out going tide.Nice little waves at deadmans.             5 
  3-13-10           Windsurfer           4.2m                  Area 51                Shook on 7m kite Peter 4.2m & Scooper on 3.5m, E wind. Nice waves at deadmans.                  9 
  3-14-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Sandy Neck                Peter 4.7m, Mike 4.7m, Shook on 7m kite, Holly 5m kite, E wind. Nice sideshore waves.            10 
  3-18-10               SUP                11' 3"m             SUPper Bowl            Gill and BB Sunny and warm Shoulder high clean waves really NICE!!!                                     2 
  3-20-10               SUP                11' 3"m             SUPper Bowl            Gill, Peter & Scott S. Sunny and warm. Waist high clean waves really SWEET!!!                       3 
  3-28-10          Kiteboard              11m                   Area 51                     Shook, Peter, BB, Mike W & Dave. Knee high waves on Deadmans, mega slick!!!                  6 
  3-29-10           Windsurfer           45.2m            Coast Guard                Peter, Jeff with BB & Peter T on Kites Shlogging out through head highj waves Nice!.            11 
  4-3-10                 SUP                11' 3"m          Nauset Public            Gill, Peter, BB & Scott S. Sunny and warm. Waist high clean waves really SWEET!!!                     4 
  4-16-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC         Sunny and warm SW wind. Sailed the Sunset for Charlie. Janice 4.8m Bill 5.2m Nice!.            12 
  4-17-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC         Early morning session WSW wind.. Janice 4.8m Bill 5.2m Nice way to start the day.                13 
  4-18-10           Windsurfer           5.2m            Izabells, NC                light side-off session with Rocket Rick ENE wind. small waves but fun.                                 14 
  4-18-10                 SUP              11' 3"m             Frisco Pier, NC                Billy Boy me and a bunch of Dolphins. Fun little waves & warm water                             5 
  4-18-10            Kiteboard            11m            Frisco Woods, NC           Fun kite session at the Campground TT and strapless surfboard.                                      6 
  4-19-10            Kiteboard            11m            Frisco Woods, NC           Fun kite session at the Campground  strapless surfboard.                                               7 
  4-20-10                 SUP              11' 3"m             Rodanthe, NC            Jon H on his new stick. Fun little waves sunny, brisk water. Great beach day!!                           6 
  4-22-10                 SUP              11' 3"m             Frisco Pier, NC                Billy Boy, Janice Deb Nancy and the Young. Fun little waves & warm water                      7 
  4-23-10            Kiteboard            14m            Frisco Woods, NC           Fun kite session at the Campground  strapless surfboard.                                               8 
  4-24-10            Kiteboard            11m             Frisco Pier, NC              Mini Downwinder with Shook and Billy Boy fun on shore wave slashing!                              9 
  4-25-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC          Janice 4.8m Bill 5.2m .   Classic SW wind at the woods                                                15 
  4-26-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC          Janice 4.8m Then 4.3m  Bill 4.7m .   another Classic SW wind at the woods                        16 
  4-27-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC          Janice 4.3m & 5.2m Bill 4.7m .   Wind went WNW                                                      17 
  4-27-10            Kiteboard            11m            Frisco woods to Kite point          Strapless surfboard. Yokie, Angry, Shook, Bill, The Todd. Thanks for the ride back!                10 
  5-2-10            Kiteboard              11m                   Area 51                  PK & BB fun little waves with side off wind at Deadmans Point. Put a hole in my board.              11 
  5-3-10             Windsurfer           4.7m            Forest Beach               Classic WSW wind, Gill, PK, Tom, Z-brat, BB on kite was really lit for a while!!                     18 
Back by popular demand!!!
Kited South Beach from the MoJo 11m
Windsurfed Forest Beach 5.2m My new weed fin rocks!
Micro-waves at
Area 51, 5.2m sail
Good for forwards
PK, BB on kite
JS showed up and
killed the wind.
SUPed Nauset Beach.
Dawn patrol with Gill. Small & Bumpy but still fun.
Windsurfed Forest Beach 5.2m Hot and Sunny. Sailed to Monomoy with PK. Usual suspects.
SUPed South Beach.
Jellybean Point with Janice & Gill. Small but still fun. The Howards
Joined us later. HOT beach day!
SUPed Nauset
Beach. Dawn patrol building swell. Went back for evening session with PK, Gill, BB PeterT. Swell getting better
SUPed Nauset
Beach. Dawn patrol with the usual suspects Less Outcast. Glassy head high tons of great rides! Sweet!!!!
SUPed Squibnocket
Beach. Dawn patrol Knee to Waist swell.
Then Long Point Beach all day with the Evans Clan and Elaine
SUPed Squibnocket
Beach. Dawn patrol Knee to thigh swell.
Then kayak race @ Long Point with the Evans Clan.
SUPed Squibnocket
Beach. Dawn patrol Knee to Waist swell. Shawn, Nickie, Connor, Janice & Chris
Then Kited Long Point Beach.